Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand SarasotaWhen it comes to Persian and Oriental rug cleaning, we, here, at Rugs By Reza adhere to the traditional way of cleaning that has been used effectively for thousands of years. We also make use of special commercial vacuums and as soon as we make sure the rug is dirt free, we then wash them down with soap and water.

Make and appointment for rug cleaning.

We are able to remove pet stains and any other types of stains.  We also do moth proofing for people who need to place their rugs in storage.

When it comes to repairs, we can repair any handmade or machine made antique, Persian or Oriental rug no matter how old they are. We can re-fringe all rugs and we do all types of bindings.

We provide clients the best service possible and we can match our service prices as long as you bring my competitor’s offer in writing.

Rugs By Reza’s Cleaning Crew is more than happy to come to your home or office to pick up your rugs or, if you prefer, you can bring them to us – your choice.  If we come to you, we will inspect and price them on site, move the furniture, take your rugs and place the furniture back where it belongs.


Step One:

We will begin with carefully dusting your Oriental rug on both sides. Using compressed air, we will remove dust and sand from the fibers and backing of your rug. Sand has sharp edges and damages the fibers of your rug over time.

Step Two:

Before we actually wash your rug, our technicians will carefully inspect and thoroughly go over it entirely. We do this to be sure that it is color fast, has not been spot dyed or chemically treated before in such a way as to might cause damage in the washing process. Also, we want to see if there is physical damage or inadequate repairs that could become worse in the process.

Step Three:

Cleaning3We seek in every way to combine old world craftsmanship with new world understanding. In ages past, these special rugs were taken to the riverside for washing. We use wash basins that are designed especially for this purpose and a constant flow of softened water is used to assure total success. Your rug never sits in its own soiled water. Gentle cleaning agents are massaged into the fibers and contaminants are rinsed away by the continuous flow of water. As we discover stains, pet urine or other contaminants, we will keep it in the wash basin, repeating the process, until we are satisfied that we have accomplished the best result that we possibly can.

Step Four:

Once we are satisfied that your rug is clean, the drying process begins. We will use gentle, warm air and gravity as your rugs are hung in our facility over night. As the pile dries, we will comb it, brush it and even fluff the fibers, using compressed air to leave a luxurious feel to the pile.

Step Five:

Cleaning2After your rug is thoroughly dry, it is time to groom the fringes. Rugs are really fine textiles and the details are most important. We will groom the fringes with combs, special cleaning to leave them their proper color and then carefully and meticulously trim the edges for a crisp clean appearance.

Step Six:

Our last step is final inspection. We want you to be completely satisfied. This means that we look carefully to be ensure our standards have been met so that you will be pleased. If for any reason we are not pleased with the results, we will repeat all of the cleaning processes until we are happy. And all of this happens before you ever see your rug again.

We have specially trained artisans that will repair damaged areas, re-weave the fibers, cut and install special non-skid pads, apply fiber protector and moth protectant. We offer anything you might need for the care of your fine rugs.

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