Repair and Restoration

Rugs By Reza staff are highly experienced in the repairing and restoration of fine Oriental and Persian rugs. Fatima and Reza, the owners of Rugs by Reza are Master Weavers and an expert in repairs with over 20 years of experience in the Sarasota, Florida areas.

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Rug Repair and Restoration

When it comes to oriental rug repair and restoration we can repair any hand made or machine made rug no matter how old they are. We can re-fringe all rugs and we do all types of bindings.

We have specially trained artisans that will repair damaged areas, re-weave the fibers, cut and install special non-skid pads, apply fiber protector and moth protect-ant. We offer anything you might need for the care of your fine rugs.

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Fringe Replacement

Fringe replacement or repair is a common repair request. At times fringes are so badly tattered the owner will request replacement. The type of rug will dictate which technique is used to repair or replace fringes.


Serging is a fringe of yarn material which is threaded/sewn around the edge leaving the appearance of hand woven edging.


Binding is a fringe of a man made narrow fabric placed over the raw edge of the rug, then sewn on to prevent it from fraying.


This involves inserting a piece of rug remnant, the size of the hole (the remnant has either similar color of design) and either gluing or sewing this piece in place.


Re-wearving is done in order to reconstruct torn and deteriorated areas of a rug. In this process, the damaged area of the rug is cut out entirely, new foundation is put in its place, and the missing area is completely rewoven from scratch.

Repair Backing

Often times, depending on the method of manufacture, the backing can become week and brittle or even torn. We can add new materials to reinforce the backing and greatly extend the life span of a valued and cherished piece. There are other methods as well, the type of damage and the type of rug will dictate the method of repair.

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